How We Work


R & D - Research and Development

With its own design department and two exclusive sample looms, Marizé has the tools to transform abstract ideas into magnificent fabrics of excellence. It is here that everything is born and the focus on detail is indispensable so that the final product always exceeds the customer expectations, both visually and quality level.


Weaving Preparation

We begin the production process with the weaving preparation, warping and warp sizing. This stage is essential to obtain the quality that we want for our products. The raw material and its quality is ensured at this point, aiming the excellence from the start.


Weaving unit

We weave the fabric using our modern jacquard looms installed at an infrastructure built and adapted specifically to be a weaving unit. Our weaving team detain years of experience and is highly trained according to Marizé's high standards of quality and safety.


Raw Inspection

To ensure the reliability and elimination of any imperfections, all the product resulting from weaving is subject to manual inspection.


Cutting Unit

In this section the final product begins to gain its final shape. The fabric is extended on the cutting table by our machines to than be cut according to the intended model. Depending on the fabric characteristics, the cut is made using a vertical scissors or conventional scissors, in both cases, it is a work executed manually.


Sewing Unit

Relying on a skilled team and a high quality machine park, we produce hundreds of pieces daily according to the highest standards of sewing. This way we provide a special touch to the final product.



After been packed, the product goes into our warehouse where it's identified, prepared and boxed to be shipped to its final destination.



Throughout the production process there are several checkpoints in order to ensure all the quality desired and required in our articles. We have Oeko-tex and BCI certification and we also comply with all social, environmental, safety and quality standards.