Environmental Policy

  Aware of the importance of developing strategies to reduce the impact of industrial activity on the environment, Fábrica de Tecidos Marizé, Lda establishes in this policy the bases to the protection of environment and biodiversity.
  Undoubtedly, an adequate environmental management brings innumerable benefits, not only economic, but also in the reduction of the consumption of environmental resources. We intend to comply with all legal requirements applicable to our sector of activity and we know that the challenges imposed by the market and competitiveness will be impetuous.
  In this sense, it is the commitment of Fábrica de Tecidos Marizé, Lda:
  • Compliance with environmental legal requirements;
  • Continuous improvement of the processes, ensuring the protection of environment;
  • Employee involvement in continuous improvement and good environmental practices;
  • Waste management and proper valorization;
  • Rational use of resources;
  • Training and raising of best environmental practices;
  • Establish relationships with partners specialized in waste treatment;
  • Monitoring of consumption;
  • Prevention of environmental risks.
  Aware that sustainable development can only be achieved through solid strategies, the Fábrica de Tecidos Marizé actively works in the environmental management of its processes.