Health and Safety Policy

  Fábrica de Tecidos Marizé, Lda constantly strives to promote an organizational culture based on the principles of prevention and safety.
  It is the duty of the organization to provide the best possible working environment for its employees and visitors, and to ensure its well-being and to mitigate the occurrence of occupational accidents and diseases.
  Through this policy, the Marizé Textile Factory commits itself to:
  • Management's commitment to providing a safe work environment;
  • Monitoring of accident rates;
  • Promote the training and information of employees on safety and health at work;
  • Mitigate and whenever possible eliminate occupational exposure hazards;
  • Compliance with regulatory standards on health and safety at work;
  • Involvement of employees to comply with health and safety at work;
  • Establish and review measures implemented based on employee protection;
  • Medical surveillance;
  • Ensure that employees and service providers ensure safe conditions to carry out the work.