Quality and Sustainability Policy

Fábrica de Tecidos Marizé, Lda, establishes through this policy a set of guidelines and commitments that shape our performance in the market and society, namely:

Commitment to the Client

✓ Dedication, rigor, differentiation and customization of products and services;
✓ Exclusive design, with products of excellence, elegance, quality and innovation, capable of exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers;
✓ Customer-oriented technological processes and market requirements;
✓ Ethical and professional integrity throughout the value chain, partners and stakeholders, enhancing synergies.

Commitment to Sustainability

✓ Compliance with legal and regulatory provisions;
✓ Efficient management of resources (water, energy, gaseous emissions, chemicals), raw materials and waste, aiming at a circular economy, as well as more efficient equipment;
✓ Coordination and monitoring of processes;
✓ Sustainable development trough the harmonious integration of the environmental, economic and social aspects.

Commitment to Social Responsibility and Safety and Health at Work

✓ Valuing people, managing talent, skills and developing capabilities
✓ Promote the training and information of employees, encouraging their involvement.
✓ Prevention, risk management, compliance with legislation in terms of safety and health at work;
✓ Promote an organizational culture of equity, transparency and respect;
✓ Respect and pursuit of the principles contained in the United Nations Global Compact, Basix Code of Ethical Trade Initiative and main conventions of the International Labor Organization.