Marizé is a textile company located in Portugal and specialized in the production of top quality bed linen, table linen and decoration. Relying on several decades of experience and knowledge in textile production, Marizé flexible team is 100% dedicated and focused on creating exceptional products with the highest quality and always adapted to each client.
  Our product is present around the world through the most recognized brands in the sector. It is also through these that our quality is highly recognized and appreciated by the most rigorous customers.


  Around the 70´s and by the hand of a textile enthusiastic, Álvaro Faria, began to draw what Marizé is today. With his technical knowledge, leadership and perseverance, he founded the company in 1979 based on 4 pillars: quality, differentiation, innovation and dedication (to customer). Later on, handed the company´s commands to the 2nd family's generation to provide continuity and growth to the project. Nowadays, the 3rd generation is beginning to take the firsts steps into the business.
  We have come a long way from selling simple items, such as cloth diapers, to adapting our offer to challenging growth opportunities to inspire our customers. Although we use different types of fabrics in our products, Marizé specialization is the jacquard fabrics. Combining the best raw materials with a unique design and texture, allied to an excellent level of quality we get a differentiating product that speaks for itself. These are our business card, it is through them that we are recognized and recommended.

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Always provide top quality products with dedicated, unique and reliable service. Surprise our customers day after day with a innovative product.


Be the preferred partner in the production of home textiles of excellence for bed linen, table linen and decoration. Continue to be recognized by our products as well as our service, flexibility and versality.


More than four decades of experience have strengthened our DNA with qualities such as simplicity, intuition and assertiveness. Customer satisfaction, partners cooperation, employees appreciation.

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How We Work

  Enter this section to know more about the different stages of Marizé’s production process.

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Quality and Sustainability



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